Six places to get a fresh perspective about racism

I try (keyword: try) not to speak out on topics when I am pressured, emotional, ill-informed or inexperienced. Every time I give in under one of those circumstances, my noble intentions cause more harm than good.

But, right now, God has my attention. I have a part to own in times of racial injustice, media distortion and social defensiveness. As a passionate advocate for effective communications, I want to help bring a new narrative to a very old problem that is fueled by fear. I am eager to find ways to build bridges to bring new understanding, instigate healthy change and help heal cultural pain.  

But, I have a lot to learn. And, I AM naive. Maybe you are, too. 

"The best ideas must move you before they can move someone else. And, so, you must begin at your core." - Blaine Hogan

Well, I am moved. And, here are just a few places I've been leaning in, listening and learning this past week. Maybe you will be moved, too.