Two subscriptions you should get your communications director today...

I recommend two subscriptions to extend your staff bandwidth and elevate your communications quality. Do it now and rest easy knowing you can count on a good ROI.

If you are new to your role or looking for ongoing, practical building blocks to help organize the communications activity in your church, this is the gift that keeps on giving. The team at CFCC curates this online toolbox with templates, checklists, sample documents and exclusive webinars that give you the real-time tools you're looking for on an ongoing basis. And, if there's something you want they don't have, just ask for it. They'll find it for you because they're cool like that. Speaking of the webinars, I got to jump in on one last month to talk about tips and tricks for plugging in your communication volunteers. Phil Bowdle is in the archive talking about Christmas, Kelley Hartnett talks about Self Care and Mark MacDonald and Ben Stapley tackle Easter production and communications. It's exclusive, uncut and fresh content every month. 

This community works hard (so you don't have to) testing, researching, contextualizing and applying the most current digital communications best practices and technologies for you through videos, workshops, downloads, ebooks, webinars, tutorials and product discounts. They are constantly scouting out thought leaders you've never heard of, and bringing them to you to get ahead of the curve (instead of playing catchup). You can count on them for tangible perspectives on timely topics that transcend any one church or calendar event. It’s run by down to earth leaders behind the scenes with a hustle that's hard to keep up with. They are constantly stirring up conversation that makes it impossible to stop growing and learning.