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KEM MEYER is a recovering corporate spin doctor who left her high-falutin’ job and Wall Street stock options to help lead communications at her local church. An outsider who’s pierced the church insider bubble, Kem offers a well-rounded communications perspective rooted in strategic simplicity. With tours of duty on both sides of the for-profit/ nonprofit divide, Kem is a seasoned consultant uniquely equipped to carry best practice communications strategies into any environment.

Effective communication is less about sending the right message and more about releasing the right response. Do you know the difference?

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48 hour on-site intensive, guided experience to analyze your communications operations and effectiveness. Day one provides an objective and robust evaluation of key communication channels to help diagnose the source of people and project conflicts, inefficiencies and incongruences. Day two outlines recommendations and a next step course of action for the leader, the team and the organization. What do I get? 


Series of no-nonsense, personalized coaching sessions to increase personal leadership capacity, navigate change management, capitalize on strengths & schedule priorities. This professional development track is an efficient and effective way to stay accountable to your communications plans, monitor progress and work through emerging hurdles real-time.


I band together up to 12 communication professionals at a time for a short, intensive learning journey. Using real life case studies, this personalized experience is a unique space to sharpen perspective, troubleshoot processes, drill down into complicated issues and increase personal and organizational capacity. Add me to the waiting list!


Smart communication systems don't have to be complicated.

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