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Effective communication is less about sending the right message and more about releasing the right response. Do you know the difference?

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One or two day intensive, on-site guided experience to improve communication effectiveness. Identify where to simplify complexity, reduce information obesity and eliminate what's hindering your communications activity. Includes a robust evaluation of:

  • key communication channels

  • common sense messaging

  • creative strategy and operational workflow

  • staff structure and role clarity

Diagnose the source conflicts and inefficiencies to craft a roadmap for change — side-by-side. Walk away with a toolkit that includes next step recommendations and course of action for the leader, the team and the organization. Ready to make some progress - let’s chat.



Most people miss the 20% that drives 80% of the return on their communication strategy. If you're looking for clarity on that key 20%, this virtual consulting option is a great first step. It's direct, simple and fast; three calls in three months for a jumpstart on a foundational communications strategy. Get perspective around:

  • Calendarizing

  • Prioritizing

  • Messaging

Get accountability, encouragement and insight infusion on your calendar. Nothing beats an objective viewpoint to speak into your unique situation with proven action steps and a do-able approach to communications that lasts. Get a jumpstart.



Series of no-nonsense, personalized coaching sessions (in-person or virtual) with a dedicated, seasoned professional familiar with your role and your environment. Whether you're brand new to your role or in leadership facing a complex season; this is an accessible place to get more effective leading up, through crisis and motivating others at any level. Get solid support as you work to solve strategy problems, address workload issues and team dynamics.  

  • increase personal and organizational capacity

  • navigate effective and complex change management

  • capitalize on core personal and organizational strengths

  • schedule priorities

This professional development track is an efficient and effective way to extend your team bandwidth without hiring additional staff. Stay accountable to your communications plans, monitor progress and work through emerging hurdles real-time. Choose from a 6 or 12 month coaching retainer.


A short, concerted learning journey limited to 8-12 leaders per semester. This personalized experience and curriculum provides:

  • specialized view of the successful communication components required for leadership inside a ministry setting; personal and organizational.

  • a collaborative space to contextualize and share learnings with a network of other leaders in similar settings and circumstances.

  • new ideas, breakthrough problem-solving, expanded toolbox and magnified peer group.

Get access to a creative infusion, relational support and a practical communications “walk about” with a 360 degree view of every dimension of organizational and operational communications work. This track is for directors, leaders and executive pastors who are responsible for implementing vision, influencing and/or managing communication and creative decisions and equipping staff. Apply to the next coaching group.


Full day, half day and breakout sessions based on the principles of the book, Less Chaos. Less Noise. For any pastor, creative professional, ministry leader or volunteer looking for ways to "get their message out." Helpful for staffs and volunteers to experience together, you can expect the workshop sessions to show you how to:

  • identify and learn how to overcome barriers to effective communications

  • develop smart approaches that maximize resources

  • organize up-front information around a background strategy

  • communication across audiences, age groups and mediums

  • apply techniques that foster teamwork across departments

It’s a time full of practical solutions and best-practice principles that build trust instead of walls - and the perfect way to jumpstart your team and start building traction immediately. Register for a workshop or find out about hosting one. 


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